The Lord has spoken to me that the forerunners are coming.
A forerunner is a person or thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else. You will not know their names, they may not have a major platform or they may not even be a part of a local assembly but they are here and ready to fulfill their assignments.

Our Mission is to create a global community of women who share their wisdom,
expertise and lessons learned from challenges that they’ve experienced to help other women.


 Purpose: Our purpose is to provide women with community, support and encouragement to go after their dreams.

Link Up- A community of women that connect to sharpen each another. We strongly believe

that every Leader needs a leader and every Mentor needs a mentor.

Leap Forward- An atmosphere filled with impartation, teachings and activities to help you moveforward in life.

Launch Out- We are very passionate about purpose and we believe that you are all called to dosomething great.







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